Development of Nanoparticle Mucosal Delivery Systems for siRNA-based Cancer Therapies

This study is carried out at the Dermatology Research Centre in collaboration between Principal Investigator Associate Professor Nigel McMillan (Griffith University) and Dr Tarl Prow (UQ DRC).

The aim of this study is to develop microfilament nanoparticles (MNP), define their delivery profile, and test their ability to deliver E6/E7 siRNA to reduce the expression of these cervical cancer causing genes in our mouse model

MNP have been tested and shown to be capable of successful penetration and delivery of sodium fluorescein to mucosal surfaces in ex-vivo vaginal tracts. In-vivo application of fluorescently tagged molecules to the mouse vaginal tract resulted in enhanced delivery when the MNP were used.  In vivo delivery of siRNA to the vaginal/cervical epithelium of our mouse model using the MNP is now underway.  This technology shows potential for successfully delivering siRNA based cancer therapies to mucosal surfaces such as the vaginal/cervical epithelium.