Day of Immunology 2016 - Our Amazing Immune System

The 2016 Day of Immunology events at TRI kicked off with a day of student workshops in the SPARQ-ed laboratory, followed by a public forum in the evening featuring speaker presentations. 100 members of the general public, researchers and industry representatives started their night with a building tour followed by presentations from 3 top researchers in the field of Immunology. 


Following the first speaker, the early career researcher competition kicked off with 6 presentations from TRI based researchers - 3 x PhD students and 3 x post doc researchers. 

PhD Student Presentations

Post Doc Student Presentations

Yoke Lee
Human dendritic cells and the anti-tumour immune response

Jeremy Brooks
Re-educating the immune system to forget undesirable memories

Michael Nissen - WINNER
The effects of chronic psychological stress on the immune response to lymphoma

Frances Pearson
Using ‘humanised mice’ to develop cancer vaccines

Sara McKee
Promoting lifelong immune control of lymphoma by reducing suppressive immune cell production

Kirsty Short - WINNER
Left breathless: Reducing the severity of the flu in patients with asthma

Winners pictured. Left: Kirsty Short. Right: Michael Nissen. 

Event Video

Watch the presentations from Prof Mike McGuckin, Prof John Upham and the ECR's below or click here to view on YouTube. Please note, the presentation from Dr Danielle Stanisic is not available due to the pending publication of research data. 


Please find below a collection of PDF documents and video resources from the 2016 Day of Immunology 

Download Immunisation PDF's  
Amazing Immune System.pdf Intl Day of Immunology booklet.pdf
Download Vaccination PDF's  
Adult Vaccination Fact Sheet.pdf  
Deciding To Vaccinate.pdf DOI Dayinthelifeof 2016.pdf
Flu vaccine consumers fact sheets.pdf Hepatitis B Vaccination Fact Sheet.pdf
How are vaccines shown to be safe.pdf How do vaccines affect immunity.pdf
Human Papillomavirus HPV Vaccine Fact Sheet.pdf immunisation is important.pdf
Influenza Vaccine Fact Sheet.pdf Why is the vaccine schedule the way it is.pdf
Meningococcal Vaccines Fact Sheet.pdf National Immunisation Program schedule2016.pdf
Parent Resources Immunisation Fact Sheet.pdf Pertussis Vaccine Fact Sheet.pdf
Polio Vaccine Fact Sheet.pdf QLD immunisation schedule.pdf
Rotavirus Vaccine Fact Sheet.pdf The science of immunisation-hr.pdf
Vaccination answers to common questions.pdf Vaccination doing further research.pdf
Vaccination myths and realities 5th ed 2013.pdf Vaccinations in pregnancy fact sheet.pdf
Varicella Vaccine Fact Sheet.pdf What About Austism and vaccines.pdf
What Is In Vaccines.pdf