In 2020 the ACCISS team collaborated on the design of Queensland's first 3D-printed ear implant and collaboration with Anatomics to manufacture the implant in porous polyethylene.

The Case

The patient, a 10-year-old girl, was born with microtia, which affected the development of her right ear. The patient was born a non-identical twin at 29 weeks with an absent external right ear, aural atresia, hemifacial microsomia, and weakness of the facial muscles.

The Solution

Pre and post implant
The team used a combination of 3D imaging, photography and CT scans in order to customise the implant for the patient. As a result the team was able to not only reconstruct the external ear, but also customize the implant to her unique facial features.

The Outcome

The implant, along with a bone-anchored hearing aid during, was successfully attached in early December 2020. This project forms part of a PhD project for a student that is co-supervised by ACCISS directorate members and QCH personnel.