[email protected]: Australia's advantage 

[email protected] will provide capability and innovative pathways for emerging and growing med-tech start-ups through specialist infrastructure and biomedical manufacturing capabilities, facilitating the pipeline of new start-ups.

How [email protected] will benefit the health of Australia's community and industry 

  • Developing national capabilities in the MTP sector 
  • Contributing to national innovation and capacity building of innovative business, manufacturing and industry
  • Advancing research commercialisation and export opportunities
  • Increasing ‘sovereign capability’ and manufacturing capability against pandemics
  • Promoting engagement between the research sector, hospitals and industry
  • Retaining MedTech start-up companies in Australia 
  • Creating a pipeline of start-ups transitioning from TRI to [email protected] 
  • Enhancing the reputation of Queensland and Australian innovation through research and commercialisation success - Eg. Gardasil HPV vaccine development as the foundation for TRI
  • Providing practical cGMP training to early-career researchers and SMEs and building Australia's skilled workforce
  • Creating jobs (direct and indirect) and spin-off benefits across multiple allied industries, including over 1400 construction jobs and 200 associated jobs every year for the first five years of its operation
  • Increasing productivity through proximity to and collaboration with the established research and clinical expertise on the precint
  • Attracting and retaining the best scientists, who can engage in leading research and development
  • Increasing opportunities for Queenslanders and Australians to participate in clinical trials. 

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