Publish Date: 
Friday, February 22, 2019 - 09:30

TRIangle video series

TRIangle explores how co-location; world class research facilities and technologies; highly ranked science; clinical expertise and clinical trial capability; and commercial investment ensures a greater success rate in taking medical innovations to the clinic and to the market.

The five part series demonstrates successful collaborations between the Research, Clinical and Commercial sectors. 

Episode 1 - New Ways to Diagnose PTSD 

Featuring Prof David Crompton (Chair Addiction and Mental Health Research, Metro South Health), Prof Carolyn Mountford (CEO and Director of Research, TRI) and Dr Rosanna Tremewan (Clinical Psychologist, TRI).


Episode 2 - Immunotherapies for Head and Neck Cancer 

Featuring Prof Ian Frazer (Group Leader - Immunotherapy, UQ), Dr Sandro Porceddu (Clinician, PA Hospital) and Neil Finlayson (CEO, Admedus Immunotherapies).

Episode 3 - Aggressive Breast Cancer 

Featuring Dr Fiona Simpson (Senior Researcher UQ), Dr Euan Walpole (Clinician PA Hospital) and Alex Gregg (Executive Manager, PA Foundation).

Episode 4 - Genetics in Cancer 

Featuring Prof Ken O'Byrne (Clinician, PA Hospital), and Prof Matt Brown (Professor & Director of Genomics QUT).

Episode 5 - Microbiome

Featuring Blake Wills (CEO, Microba), Prof Gerald Holtmann (Clinician, PA Hospital), and Prof Mark Morrison (Researcher, TRI).