SBIS - Science Business INSPIRATION Series

Next session: 'Building confidence to make your great science idea a business reality', 11.30am Thursday 19 April

Join us for the 4th TRI Science Business Inspiration Series (SBIS) with guest speakers 

Nimrod Klayman - Director UQ Idea Hub
Tim McLennan -  CEO QUTbluebox

In this dynamic and stimulating session we will be hearing from the experts about how you can build confidence to navigate through the business world in order to progress your ideas or research. Each of our speakers has considerable hands-on experience steering new ideas into new products and successful markets, particularly in the context of the university sector.

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Upcoming Speaker Bios 

Tim McLennan - CEO QUTbluebox

Tim McLennan has over 25 years of experience in technology and research innovation and commercialisation sector. He has first-hand involvement in leading industry sectors such as resources, METS, energy, water, automation, aerospace and technology funding. He has held senior positions in research and innovation management, commercialisation, international business development and strategic partnership management.

Nimrod Klayman - Director University of Queensland Idea Hub

The UQ Idea Hub is a start-up pre-incubator for the aspiring, the inspiring and the ambitious. Nimrod will provide examples of successful start-ups that have graduated through the Hub, and discuss opportunities available through the Idea Hub in the form of hands-on workshops, experienced mentors and a network of local and global innovators to help students and staff grow their idea into a solution that matters. Budding entrepreneurs have the opportunity to form and test their early stage ideas for potential commercial opportunity, and to build networks with other students, idea makers and seasoned entrepreneurs for a strong, well-connected start to their entrepreneurial journey.

Success stories, case studies and personal experiences from health and science industry professionals.

The Translational Research Institute was brought together to encourage greater collaboration between science, health and industry. Translation refers to the process of converting scientific research into usable health outcomes for the human population, with education and commercialisation driving results. TRI is home to many success stories including the Vaxxas Nanopatch, patented and commercialised from research completed at The University of Queensland. The distance between core research and influencing a change in clinical practice can sometimes stretch an entire career, but our goal is to provide resources to assist the researches based in our labs to take their research further. Our occupants told us that they wanted to network more with industry professionals, learn about career opportunities complimentary to science and meet successful peers with realistic achievement examples for all career levels. 

A committee of researchers eager to build their business knowledge has been formed, in conjunction with representatives from our partners Mater Medical Research, The University of Qld, Qld University of Technology and the PA Hospital. Speakers and content have been selected based on feedback from the committee and their peers, and we're always eager to hear suggestions on how we can improve the quality of the series. To launch, 4 sessions have been scheduled so far with the first in October 2017 and the rest rolling out in 2018, each chaired by members of our committee. 

Series Program

Date Speakers Chairs Title
Thursday 19 October 2017

Dr Tracey Mynott
Chief Scientific Officer
Anatara Lifesciences 

Tim Daly
Managing Director
Skin Analytics 

Sherman Leung

Bena Cartmill

The Whole Journey: From Idea to Reality

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Thursday 15 February 2018

Cameron Turner
CEO ProGel
Entrepreneur in Residence,
UQ Business School  

Brian Ruddle
Managing Director
Impact Innovation

Mark Adams

Laurelie Wall

Got a science business idea? Make it happen!

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Thursday 22 March 2018

Dr Angus Forster
Chief Development & Operations Officer

Anne-Marie Birkill

Managing Partner, One Ventures 

Sahar Keshvari                                (PhD)
Research Officer, Inflammatory Diseases Biology and Therapeutics, Mater Research

Yashna Sagar                                    

PhD Student, Neurodevelopmental Follow-Up and Outcomes Group
Mothers, Babies and Women’s Health Program
Mater Research Institute - The University of Queensland

How to grow a tree from a seed – Beyond Start-Ups

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Thursday 19 April 2018

Nimrod Klayman
Director, UQ Idea Hub

Dr Tim MacTaggart -  QUTbluebox Entrepreneur in Residence

Tim McLennan -  CEO QUTbluebox

Kelly-Anne Masterman

Harriet Lawford

Building confidence to make your great science idea a business reality

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