TRI is partnering with the PA Research Foundation (PARF) to financially support collaborations with a bench-to-bedside focus.
The PARF/TRI Collaborative Microgrant provides funding of up to $3,000 to drive new, short-term research projects between Princess Alexandra Hospital (PAH) clinicians and TRI-based researchers. The funding will enable the clinicians to buy consumables or access services needed for the projects. Successful projects will be those demonstrating great potential in improving the lives of patients at Metro South Health (MSH) hospitals. Your application also provides an opportunity to showcase your work, ideas and collaborations to PARF and its network of donors and supporters.

Click here to complete the online application form. Applications will be automatically submitted to PARF and must be completed prior to the 1st of the month for consideration during that month. For further information, please contact Sandra McGinnis at [email protected] or 07 3180 1840.


  1. All applications must be submitted by the PAH-based clinical collaborator.
  2. Applications are reviewed monthly by the PARF Funding Subcommittee.
  3. Only applications that meet all of the criteria will be submitted to the Subcommittee for shortlisting.
  4. Shortlisted applications will be reviewed and approved by the Foundation CEO.
  5. Approved applications will be submitted to the TRI Research and Clinical Translation team for final approval.
  6. A response will be provided to all applicants within two weeks of the meeting.

Terms and Conditions:

Please keep your answers short and use plain, simple, everyday language. It is important to include what you are asking for or why, or how your project will better patients’ lives at the MSH hospitals.

Information submitted in the application may be used by PARF to talk to donors about projects their donations have supported.
Do not include any details about your project which cannot be shared publicly, including information on unprotected intellectual property. 
Upon a successful application, you will be required to sign a Funding Agreement with PARF. Some of the requirements in this Agreement include:
  • Ensuring that your research complies with the ethical standards as set out by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMR) and Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC). HREC approvals will be forwarded to Metro South Health Research.
  • Providing PARF a short update on your research progress six (6) months after the funding is accessed and a brief final report within one (1) from the date the funding is accessed.
  •  Recognising the Foundation in publications and presentations resulting from the work undertaken.

The PA Research Foundation (PARF) supports research, patient support, and staff education for the wider PA Hospital Campus community. The Translational Research Institute (TRI) is a medical research, development and translation facility located on the PAH campus. TRI strives to connect scientists with clinicians to provide access to research and world class facilities to solve healthcare challenges together.