In 2014 Dr Ingrid Hickman, in conjunction with the Brisbane Diamantina Health Partners (BDHP) launched the My Translation Rules (MTR) annual awards designed to reward clinical Dietitians for their translational research efforts. The initiative has grown year on year and in 2018, was expanded to include all allied health clinicians.

The AH-TRIP initiative is a training package designed to prepare clinicians to run a translational research project in their practice. Queensland Health research fellows, clinicians, staff from AusHSI, QUT, UQ and previous award winners from Brisbane hospitals have volunteered their time to help produce education and real-world case studies for the online PD suite. Hospital executives, directors of allied health, research fellows and senior clinicians have also volunteered their time and expertise as ‘TRIP enthusiasts’ on the implementation support panel, to provide direction to clinicians undertaking TRIP projects.

To access the package, visit the Queensland Health website.

This package includes:

ONLINe pd suite

  • Including a repository of ‘real-world’ case studies across allied health disciplines
  • Interviews and podcasts
  • TRIP training webinars and self-directed learning

clinical champions

  • To facilitate engagement in the AH-TRIP package within the local HHS
  • To provide support for clinicians at all stages of their TRIP journey

implementation support panel

  • Monthly telementoring support to assist selected individuals / teams with their own project
  • Focus on research translation & project management
  • Panel consists of AH-TRIP enthusiasts from the executive level, research fellows, allied health directors and senior clinicians

> my translation rules (MTR) showcase event

  • Awards and prizes for completed TRIP projects and key individuals who are TRIP enablers
  • To raise awareness of projects being completed and provide professional development
  • Facilitate networking 

Please do not hesitate to contact the AH-TRIP team: [email protected]